This is a compendium of the history of Post 19 as recorded in the membership meeting notes dated from ….. to …..  The compilation reflects the actual verbiage of the notes as hand written; spelling, grammar, punctuation, abbreviations, anecdotes, strike-over, language, idioms and comments are a direct reflection of what was actually written.  The writer claims no authorship of the content, language, format or opinions contained herein.  The author has exercised due diligence in replicating these notes; if a name, phrase or stipulation is not clearly readable it will be shown as “…..”;  any-source input to complete these notations will be gladly taken, verified and edited into the document.

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 Sept 8, 1937

Meeting called to order by 2nd Vice Commander Jack Parent.  L.B. Bicknell acting Chaplin and Russell Lowell acted as Sargent at Arms.  A new member was added to the roll, Norman Lafayette from Lincoln.

A bill to L E McShane was read and ordered paid-voted-$1.65.  Several members paid their 1938 dues.

Bulletins were read concerning the convention.

It was moved and seconded to apply 75¢ to a buddies dues for the coming year if he attends 100% of meetings. $.50 for buddies attending 50% of the meetings.

No further business appearing, colors were retired.

C.E.Jacobs, Adjutant

Flower Col 34¢

It seems that at every meeting a collection was made to fund flowers for a member’s funeral; called a flower collection, penny fund or other names throughout all documents.

 Oct 13, 1937

Meeting called to order by Commander Rock at 8:30 PM

Advance the Colors

Chaplain invoked the blessing of God.

It was moved and seconded not to take any action on paying of John Devires and Lewis Shepards dues, as the buddies didn’t feel that we should do so.

There was some talk of repairing the flagstaff ferrile.  It was suggested that Adj. write for prices on a (insert) jointed staff.

It was moved and seconded to pay a bill of $5.20 to Joe Rock for straps and flagstaffs bought while in New York.

It was moved and seconded to accept the invitation of the Auxiliary for a supper on Armistice eve.

It was moved and seconded to have our next meeting on Tues. night Oct 26th as district meeting comes in Vergennes on the 27th.  Lindley Bickenell, Bill Hier, John Parent and Pete Kampf were nominated as membership committee & Milton Elliott.

The Adjutant requested to write to the Adj. Gen. For a VT roster of the World War.

Russell Lowell Bill Hier Lyle Churchill was elected to the Executive Com.

LB Bicknell, Jack Parent & Melwood Shepard were elected to the activities com.

No further business appearing, the Colors were retired.     Flower Col 20¢

Adj. CE. Jacobs.